Terms and Conditions of Ulrike Leugering


1. It is of the utmost importance for all parties concerned that all conditions regarding payment of the deposit are adhered to.

2. After you have received our booking form, Ulrike Leugering International grants three days to pay the deposit amount and either fax or email the deposit slip to us. If the reservation is over a weekend, we allow four days for the payment. We cannot uphold or guarantee any reservations longer than this allocated time. As soon as we receive proof of payment of the deposit amount, we will confirm your booking.

3. As soon as the deposit amount is registered on our bank account, we will send you the complete address of and directions to your holiday accommodation.

Important: Without proof of payment of the deposit amount, we do not send out any addresses or directions. Should you transfer the money online, and cannot print out a proof of payment from the computer, please contact your bank and request a copy of your transaction. You can then send this bank copy to us per fax.

Late deposit

Should the deposit amount not be paid on time, and the owner of the holiday accommodation in question have found other clients, you will be refunded the full deposit amount less 500 Rand service charge. In this case, please allow us to look for alternative accommodation for you.

Balance payment

1. It is of the utmost importance for all parties concerned that all conditions regarding payment of the balance amount are adhered to.

2. If the conditions regarding the balance payment are not adhered to and the payment is late, you will be charged a once-off fine of 500 Rand (Administration charge).

3. The indicated balance amount must be paid according to the exact specifications as detailed in the booking form. A transfer/deposit within Germany takes 4 days in the week to clear, and 5 days over a weekend. A transfer/deposit outside of Germany generally takes 7 work days to clear. Please deposit the balance amount in time, taking the clearance time into account, so that the money shows on our bank statement on the day as indicated in the booking form. Should you deposit directly into our branch in Germany, the amount is generally cleared by the next work day.

Late balance payment

1. Should the balance not be paid on time we will send you a reminder per email. This reminder is charged to you as a once-off fine of 500 Rand for late deposit.

2. For each day after payment of the balance amount is due, a further 70 Rand will be charged to you. If you do not pay in time, but you would still like to uphold the booking, Ulrike Leugering will pay the outstanding amount to the owner of the accommodation. This is a service that we will only undertake if you have notified us of the late payment. To prevent these costs, please adhere to the payment deadline as indicated in the booking form.

Our urgent appeal:

Please help us to prevent unnecessary complications
by paying your deposit and balance amount on time.

Explaining possible additional costs and fines

1. In South Africa the interest rates are up to 24% prime rate. Should your balance payment not be paid on time, and Ulrike Leugering International covers the liability towards the owner of the accommodation, then Ulrike Leugering has to carry those interest rates. The once-off fine of 500 Rand and the additional charge of 70 Rand per further delayed day serve to cover the interest charged.

2. If the owner of the accommodation does not receive the balance payment at the latest 21 days before arrival of the guests, the owner is entitled to cancel the booking and keep the deposit. We are responsible for both the client and the owner and would like to remind you of the possibility of a cancellation by the owner, if you do not adhere to the payment specifications. To date, such a cancellation has not occurred, but it is possible to protect the rights of the owner. The owner is entitled to assume, should the balance payment not be received, that the client is no longer interested in the booking. By cancelling the booking, he can rightfully try to minimize the financial loss by looking for new clients for the duration of the booking.

3. Golfing houses – For all golfing houses, advertised as such on the website, the balance payment needs to register in our bank account two months prior to arrival of the guests.

4. For all other holiday accommodations, the balance payment needs to register in our bank account three weeks prior to arrival. Please also take into account, that Ulrike Leugering needs ca. one week to transfer payments from Germany to South Africa.

5. For bookings by credit card, a service charge of 6% of the total deductable amount applies.

Short-term bookings

Important: In the past, we have gathered very negative experiences with bookings that were finalised 1 to 6 days prior to arrival. For this reason we accept short-term bookings (less than one week prior to arrival) only if payment is made by speed transfer (arrival of payment in South Africa within 24 hours). In the case of a speed transfer, high bank charges apply, which will be charged to the client.

Additional costs for short-term bookings

1. The bank charges which apply for a speed transfer from Germany to South Africa amount to ca 35 Euro. The payment amount is cleared in South Africa within 24 hours.

2. Should you arrive without having paid in full for the duration of the booking, you are not entitled to move into the booked accommodation. In this case you need to contact the offices of Ulrike Leugering International, so that the matter can be resolved. If the necessity arises that a member of staff of Ulrike Leugering invests personal driving time, this time will be charged to you at 500 Rand per hour. Please take note that our offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


In the case of a rebooking, a service charge of 500 Rand will apply.

Ascertaining the rate of exchange

Ulrike Leugering calculates the current rate of exchange on the day of your booking. If the rate of exchange should vary by more than 2% between the date of booking and the due date for the balance payment, Ulrike Leugering International is entitled to charge the difference in the final account. To date this has not become necessary, but Ulrike Leugering must protect its interests in this respect. Relatively small exchange rate fluctuations are normal and expected, and carried by Ulrike Leugering. In the case of significant exchange rate fluctuations, however, Ulrike Leugering cannot carry the risk!

Notification of time of arrival in Cape Town

Please notify us in advance when you will be arriving in Cape Town. Our private owners must otherwise wait all day for their guests to arrive, if we do not notify them in time. It would be greatly appreciated, both by Ulrike Leugering International and the owners, if you would inform us beforehand of your flight details with exact arrival time, or estimated arrival time if you are travelling by car.

General terms of agreement

1. Your contract partner is Ulrike Leugering Ferienhausvermittlung, Democracy Way No. 30, Prestige Business Park No 4
Milnerton 7447, South Africa.

2. The contract with Ulrike Leugering is subject to South African law. The juridical district for complaints of the client against Ulrike Leugering is Cape Town. For complaints of Ulrike Leugering against the client the juridical district of the client’s place of residednce is relevant, except if the complaint is lodged against persons who do not have a legal domicile in Germany, or persons whose place of residence has changed to an address outside of Germany, or persons whose place of residence is not known at the time of lodging the complaint. In these cases the juridical district is Cape Town.

3. The rental contract is binding for both parties. The contract comprises of the holiday accommodation in question with all eqipment and furnishings as mentioned in the description.

4. Rates are subject to change.

5. All information about the holiday accommodations rented out by Ulrike Leugering are given according to our best knowledge. Complaints about any shortcomings of the booked accommodation are to be reported without delay either telephonically or in writing per letter or email to the nearest office of Ulrike Leugering.

6. Outside of the trading hours of the regional service offices, or should there be no service office of Ulrike Leugering in the vicinity of the booked accommodation, all complaints are to be reported to the main office. Ulrike Leugering will immediately see to it that a solution is found. The client is obliged to assist in this situation by keeping damage to a minimum, and to allow Ulrike Leugering a reasonable period of time to remedy the shortcomings and implement a solution. Should this solution not be satisfactory to the client, he is to inform Ulrike Leugering immediately, preferably in writing.

7. The booked accommodation may not, without written consent by Ulrike Leugering, be inhabited by more persons than agreed in the contract and appropriate for the accommodation.

8. The client is responsible for the upkeep of the booked accommodation and is obliged to leave the accommodation in the clean and tidy condition in which it was received.

9. Should the client fail to clean the accommodation, either completely or dissatisfactorily, Ulrike Leugering will take over this responsibility, which will be charged to the client. The final cleaning can also be requested from Ulrike Leugering by the client at an appropriate cost.

10. The client is responsible for the booked accommodation and its contents, and is obliged to bring any damages caused by the client or any person accompanying him to any part of the accommodation or equipment therein to the attention of Ulrike Leugering prior to departure. If there is no regional service office of Ulrike Leugering near the accommodation, notifications must be directed to the main office.

11. All damages are to be resolved / replaced by the client before departure. Should the owner of the accommodation discover damages or shortcomings to the accommodation or any part thereof after the client’s departure that were not reported to Ulrike Leugering, the repair / replacement costs will be charge to the client.

12. Parents are responsible for their children, and will be held liable for their children’s actions.

13. Pets are not permitted.

14. The client, his companions and luggage are not insured for the duration of their stay in the booked accommodation. Ulrike Leugering International is not liable for theft or damages caused to either the client, his companions or their luggage.

15. Ulrike Leugering can withdraw from the contract at any time for reasons of war, strike or epidemic illnesses, as well as restrictions of oil and petrol supplies, or any reasons beyond the power of Ulrike Leugering to resolve.

16. Ulrike Leugering Interntational is entitled to adjust the rental amount in the booking belatedly in the case of an increase of the publicised rates of an accommodation, provided that a minimum of four months lie between the date of booking and the agreed arrival date of the clients at the booked accommodation. Ulrike Leugering must notify the clients of a belated rate adjustment at least three weeks prior to arrival. The client is entitled to withdraw from the contract upon notification of a belated rate adjustment, and is in this case exempt from the cancellation fee.

17. The client can withdraw from the contract at any time. The client needs to notify Ulrike Leugering of the withdrawal in writing. Please read the section Cancellation Policy for further information.

18. All rates are quoted inclusive of sundry costs (water, electricity, gas, etc.) unless specifically stated otherwise in the description for the respective accommodations.

19. Unless stated otherwise, the contents of the contract is subject to specifications of the law.

Cancellation policy

NO ARRIVAL - 100% of the total amount

0 – 20 days prior to arrival - 100% of the total amount

21 – 40 days prior to arrival - 50 % of the total amount

41 – 60 days prior to arrival - 40 % of the total amount

61 – 90 days prior to arrival - 25 % of the total amount

Ulrike Leugering must be notified of each cancellation in writing. If notification occurs by post, date of the post stamp is regarded as date of cancellation. In the case of an email notification, if you have not received a confirmation of receipt from Ulrike Leugering within 24 hours, the notification email must be resent until such confirmation from our side has been received.

Further costs and conditions

· Cancellation fee : 500 Rand. This amount is automatically charged as a once-off, minimum fee in the event of a cancellation.

· Postal costs

· Overseas telephone calls are charged

· The service charge for credit card bookings currently amounts to 6% of the total amount. This fee is not refundable in the event of a cancellation.

Replacement bookings

In the event of a replacement booking, the cancellation fee of 500 Rand still applies.

If the client withdraws from the contract, Ulrike Leugering International is entitled to look for replacement clients for the duration of the booking. We would like to bring to your attention that Ulrike Leugering International enters into a contract with the owner of the bookeed accommodation and is held liable to pay the owner the full amount owed for the duration of a client’s booking. The owner’s share amounts to approximately 70% of the total amount.

In the event that we cannot find a replacement client for your booking, the full cancellation fee as detailed above may apply.

The client is entitled to transfer his booking onto another client. In this case the cancellation fee of the original client amounts to the once-off minimum fee of 500 Rand only. The original client is obliged to notify Ulrike Leugering of a transfer of contract in writing.

Should Ulrike Leugering find replacement clients for your booking, which do not fit exactly into the booked period, the cancellation costs will be precisely calculated for the period not covered by the new clients. In this respect, Ulrike Leugering reserves the right to offer the first probably client the opportunity to book, in order to keep the costs for both you and the owner of the accommodation as low as possible.

Cancellations on short notice

Please bear in mind that a holiday apartment or house is not a hotel or guest house. A holiday accommodation owner usually has only one accommodation to offer, and when you make your booking he guarantees you his house or apartment, sometimes for a long time. Should you then cancel your booking, the owner experiences heavy losses, as he has turned down all other enquiries from the time you entered into your booking contract. The owner cannot, as a hotel or guest house could, accept other bookings, but he relies on you to honour your contract and visit his house or apartment if you have booked it. In general he has no chance to find other clients for his accommodation if you cancel on short notice. Flights to South Africa / Cape Town are generally difficult to come by, especially in the high season, and replacement clients on short notice are very difficult to find.

Please believe us that we will try everything within our powers to minimise costs and losses for both you, the client, and the owner of the accommodation in the case of a cancellation. Our hands are tied, however, in the case of short notice cancellations, and the full cancellation costs may apply.

Our promise

Ulrike Leugering is responsible for both our clients and our holiday accommodation owners, and we always try to find a solution in the case of a cancellation which will suit all parties involved. In almost all previous cases of cancellations a satisfactory solution for client and owner has been found and implemented.

We treat each client individually and personally, and always try to take both sides of a situation into consideration. Our guarantee is mirrored in our service – fast, friendly and fair.

Yours sincerely,

The Ulrike Leugering Team

Ulrike Leugering

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